You probably became interested in who is really behind of this site.

My name is Max. I’ve been making music since 2007. I’m not a professional. I admit that often my productions are not of the best quality and sound processing is like playing with some build-in presets but I try. I am constantly learning new techniques, styles, ways of sound processing by getting some inspiration from the best.

Try to do the same thing. Watch, learn and repeat.

Well, that’s not me.

How did it happen that I started producing?

Well, it was very simple. I wanted to know what kind of science is behind this, then I started digging. First, some DAW. Cubase? Reason? FL Studio? It’s so confusing. Instruments? Effects? VST? What’s all of that means?

After all these years, I learn a lot by myself. It’s still taking me hours, even months, but I’m surely getting the very best out of it.

I released over 100 songs (including remixes for other producers and/or labels + debut album It’s A Matter Of Time on Stories in Trance, UK based label). You can listen to the Album Sampler below.

So what’s next?

Well, there are some project I haven’t finished yet and some other plans I haven’t implemented yet. Keep visiting my website for more informations or follow me on social media to be up-to-date.