“Being independent is the most beautiful thing in the music industry. You can basically feel that freedom.”

For more than ten years, Max Stealthy has been living to the rhythm of his own international success. His variety of quality releases has been the result of his loyalty to fans, his creativity in the studio, the perseverance with which he hosts his radio show ‘The Perfect Match’, and the energy he brings to the crowds in front of him.

Despite the heavy pressure that comes with being independent, Max has always kept his focus on the music.

And that’s exactly what keeps him going.


Born in Wałbrzych, Poland (September 14, 1992) to a musical family, Max followed his passion for music from a young age.

He went to musical school, learning all about definitions of pitch, rhythm, dynamics, styles and texture, Max started from making low-profile singles for family to high-end mixes when he started experimenting with different programs and instruments on his computer. 

“What is the name of this song? Who is the author?” – was Max asking while listening on the local radio to DJ Tiesto at his friend’s house. Adagio For Strings inspired him to get deeper into this particular musical structure. He wanted to know all about it.

In the early days, Max thought it was easy to create such a masterpiece. While he was studying construction of the song, he was sacrificing days and nights, skipping parts of the school.

Until today, he is trying to understand how does it all work together. After finishing music school, he dropped musical career for a long time, trying to settle personal life. While turning 21 years, he came back to his favourite DAW program, FL Studio and then he follow the flow…

Despite having Mechanic degree, the main influence in Max’s life has always been music. 

“I want to promote trance as a genre. It’s not just bam-bam-bam as most people think it is. You can really transfer your emotions and present it through soundwaves you own. That’s incredible what we can achieve these days.”