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Last time, I wrote over Virpp where big labels can find you, if you’re a producer and casual listeners might have access to unreleased music. After using this app… well, that doesn’t work for me.

So I found the app called which is a little bit different, because it’s a Music Data Analitycs for your websites. It looks like this:

and I have to say: This app… blown my mind.

It gives you so many informations about your productions, your uploads, statistics and even informations over your songs which are playlisted!

You don’t have to check it out by yourself, looking in google, waste your time if you’re playlisted or not. It can also mention any peak points (for example, reaching 10k plays or you can generate notification for your fans that your song is OUT NOW).

The best thing is: it’s fully compatible which any screen, like it’s designed with priority for mobile (well, duh… it’s 2019). Looks also the same on PC, when you log in via their website.

Also while using app via mobile, you can with One click generate the most important notifications to your stories on Instagram.

Another cool feature what I noticed is the Influencers tab inside the app which shows who uploaded your original or remix on Soundcloud, Spotify or Youtube or whatever else. For example, I didn’t know that Trance Sounds Of Heaven with 2.33M views uploaded some time ago track Pororoca (Ico Remix) [Stories In Trance] (Click here to listen Pororoca EP)

So far, there is only 1 minus for me. I think that this app is pretty new and fresh, developers are putting a lot of effort into this, but I would be more happy, if there will be possibility to change the background colour while uploading a notifications to my Instagram Stories. That colour tho…Connect your pages and check for yourself –

Anyway: 9/10.


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