Outnowon.com – easy click, easy listen. (Review)

So, today I will be writing about new service available for everyone which makes independent producers and mostly listeners life much easier.

OutNowOn.com it is an so-called app where you can copy & paste all your links from the stores where your release is available and with one click create a landing page for your fans.

MS: (…) just wondering, if you’re some kind of label or a company? Why is it for free?
ONO: We have nothing to do as a label. (…) We’re also musicians with web programming skills, so we made it basically for us. That’s it. Maybe, in the future, if people will keep on using the service and grows up, we can add more features and see if we can monetize a pro version or something like this. We don’t even think about it yet. Now it’s free.

I thought, it is another company like Amuse, because they say, they are:

Independent Record Label & Music Distribution. Record deals for artists we believe in.

OutNowOn.com it’s super easy to use, by collecting all links to for example: Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, Deezer, Bandcamp, iTunes and so one, because sadly tho, they didn’t present the list of the co-working sites, but I’m pretty sure that they include most of them in near future!


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