Max Stealthy – Falling Star [MXSR5]

Price: 2,00 EUR


Falling Star is an energetic Uplifting Trance track. 


Artists: Max Stealthy
Title: Falling Star
Label: MXS Recordings
Release date: 04.10.2019

UPC: 0707772239927
Label ID: MXSR5


Available formats: MP3, WAV, .ZIP
Available mixes: Radio Edit, Extended Mix

Mashup (bonus track)

Not only you can stream and/or buy Radio Edit or Extended Mix, but together with this release, there is also stream-only (unreleased) mashup available based on Creative Commons license.

All officially unreleased productions are only for the promotional purposes for and are protected under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. If you want to use it commercially, read first very carefully this licence here.

Base for this song was inspired by beautiful vocal from the artist IAMX. The original song named ‘Scars’ was placed in one of the Netflix series ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ and was released on ‘Everything is Burning’ album in 2016.

And though I have these scars I hold no grudges,
it’s my destiny I got so used to winning
And now I do my best baby
To take it on the chin I’ve made mistakes
But I’m not haunted
Because your love gives me the strength
Sometimes I lose my focus
And my core beliefs just overpower me
But the truth is I need others
To find the will To find the point in anything

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