Many of you may notice that my past songs were made through or together with label from UK, Stories In Trance runned by two brothers, Thomas & Matt Carter.

It was a blast for me, back in 2011, when I was accepted to make my dream come true and release worldwide some of my productions after 4 years of hard work. I’ve clean up my whole HDD of games and set up my old PC for FL Studio 8. 

Stories In Trance started releasing in 2010. They weren’t a big label, still they aren’t. We have up’s and down’s, like every other people, but this relation wasn’t typical business relation – more like human & human, even if we, until today haven’t seen each other or phone call, despite today’s technology. The point is to have some kind of goal to achieve. Their goal is to deliver good music which is about conveying a message, an emotion, a story.

This is not just another digital trance label. We work with the best new producers who have imagination, talent and an ability to bring something different. We collaborate with new and established artists in bringing you further remix interpretations of already creative tunes. We share our passion with those who share our ambition. We continue to develop a global roster of new and established artists and producers and are cultivating a team of people that share our goal of a truly unique trance label where creativity knows no bounds.

Anyway, after all these years, I’m honored to be part of the “family”, because without them, I wouldn’t be in the place where I’m now.

Now, they released compilation named The Stories in Trance Collection: Spectra to celebrate 10 years of Stories in Trance, therefore, they put my songs in multiple releases. This is unbelievable highlight of my work.

You can find these releases on all major platforms, including BeatportJunoDownloadDiscogs or Spotify.

More information about what songs of mine where included, you’ll find on their website:

This is unbelievable highlight of my work.

Thank you.

Our Story Continues…

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