Test EP is the official name of this EP and there is a little story behind it. Max was trying experimental bits of sounds, from simple mono FX, to multi-layered atmosphere with advanced sound shaping, to make it very pleasant for a listener.

MXS Recordings it’s a small label, focusing on talented and independent group of artists, which their goal is to show quality over quantity of the productions.

While in the making, we decided to released a remix pack to the public and upload it also to the community on https://findremix.com in December 2020. The response was huge! Thanks to all participants who have sent their remixes. All of them were brilliant, but we had to choose the best so we could put them in this release.

We chose three winners: Franky from Spain, Efemgie from Poland and Oliver Pedersen from Denmark.

Original Mix

Headlining the release is Max’s Original Mix. Max’s work shows off his immense production technique and wide range of abilities. He knows how to create addictive melodies and the fabulous lead is expertly layered over beautiful atmospherics with a properly dynamic structure that is engaging right from the beginning.

Efemgie Remix

Let’s start from Efemgie. His unique style of mesmerizing loud lead sounds can make you really fall deeply into his production. Rhytmic bassline, typical for Uplifting Trance, together with tight kick, your body begins almost instantly to dance.

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Franky Remix

Next up is Franky. We chose his productions, because of thick EDM/Big Room vibes with pumping sound. It’s really something different that should definitely be played in the next DJ sets around the globe. Detuned short lead sounds makes it as very interesting spin-off from the original.

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Oliver Pedersen Remix

Last, but not least is Oliver Pedersen. His production can literally teleport you of being in outer space on a spaceship. Fast sounding drums with melodic bassline makes this track perfect for Psytrance listeners to save it on their hard drives for years.

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Available from 4th March 2021!

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