A breakup can be extremely painful. We learn different lessons and become better persons. We are also searching for music to calm us down, to relax, to forget about past time and start over. Therefore sit back, reflect, dive deep into lyrics, but at foremost – just enjoy your time here. If you would like to talk, remember that you can always send me a message.

Calling To Love ‘Sometimes life takes you in a direction you never saw yourself going but it turns out to be the best road you have ever taken.’

[WHAT THIS KNOB DO?!] Away From You by Alva Gracia

Pressure This track were remixed by Joel Macintosh from UK. I couldn’t find more information about that track and it seems to not even be officially released, but I have to admit, that remix is simply superb and deserves to be placed here.

⧩ We only live once. Thank you for listening to The Perfect Match Podcast. Until next time.

1/ Sabai – I Need Ya
2/ Dexter King – Read Your Lips
3/ Meduza – Piece Of Your Heart (Marcus Santoro Remix)
4/ [WHAT THIS KNOB DO?!] Alva Gracia – Away From You
5/ Duumu – You Used To
6/ Martin Garrix feat. Tove Lo – Pressure (Joel Macintosh Remix)
7/ SONIN – All Of My Teenage Crimes
8/ HALIENE – Glass Heart (Sunny Lax Remix)
9/ Shane54 feat. Jenny Jordan – Paradise (D&W Remix)
10/ Rodg – Tell On Me
11/ Curbi – Vertigo
12/ Soulero – Die For You
13/ Rameses B feat. Charlotte Haining – Come & Go
14/ Nervo – Worlds Collide
15/ Leon Bolier – Perpetual
16/ Skan & Rune feat. Elza – Emptiness
17/ Eko Zu – Let Me Fall (Vibonacci & Starward Remix)
18/ Matt Fax – Always You (Deeparture Remix)
19/ Grum – Price Of Love
20/ Cid feat. Gramercy – Bruises
21/ Matt Fax – Torn
22/ Grant – Wishes
23/ [SLOWDOWN] Duumu – Forward

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